Saturday, November 14, 2009

Inspiration for a Sustainable City

Well, this is not exactly urban. However, inspiration can happen anywhere. This is a picture from a small village in east Bulgaria. The woman is strolling down the dirt road just for the sake of doing so--enjoying the sounds of nature, hearing the bleating of goats and not hearing the sounds of modern urbanity (sirens, car noises etc.)

This village started me to think about the means to reach urban sustainability. Each house has a garden where they can grow enough fruits and vegetables for themselves and for resale. You can walk to the store for groceries. There is a communal goat herd which has individual owners, but walked by a group of older men. So, there is a source of meat and milk. Most have their own chickens and pigs. The only need is electricity. However, with a few windmills, solar power and small hydro-electric plants (this is depending if this is feasible for the area), the need for electricity will be greatly diminished. However, could other people in developed countries live in this manner?

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