Friday, January 21, 2011

Wikipedia Definition of Flâneur

I found a very interesting and well researched entry on Wikipedia concerning the word "flâneur".  Click on the following link: .  The basic meaning of "flâneur" is someone who strolls.  I think from viewing some of the entries here that it is far more than 'strolling.' It can be considered an entire methodology of research.  For a more developed version of what it means to be an urban  flâneur go to the article published in Urbana by Jesus Trevino:

Monday, January 17, 2011

Call for Papers for Spring 2011 Volume of Urbana

Do you have a manuscript that has been waiting to be published? Why not think about sending it to Urbana. Urbana is a well respectied journal concerning urbanism. If you anticipate publishing in the Spring volume, please send me the title of the article with contact information and expected submission date at . The anticipated publication for the new volume is April 2011. At a later date selected articles will be published in printed form.

The link for Urbana is located at: