Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Farewell to Istanbul: Part 8

Sounds of Istanbul
Cities are not just about images. They are about sounds. Here are some of the sounds of Istanbul. For those that have lived in Istanbul or visited, I sure that you can recall them and hear them in your mind. For those who have never been to Istanbul, I wish I could have provided sounds to give you give you a semblence of the complete audio-visual experience that makes Istanbul a stimulating exciting place. I quess some small sound bits would be nice, but at the time of this writing, I have to get back to packing and getting ready to leave The City.

Here are some of the sounds that I can recall:
The minibus honking his horn
A ferryboat as it pulls into the dock
A fishing boat chugging along in the early morning
The sound of children playing out side and playing hide and seek
bir, iki, uç, dort, beş... (one, two, three four, five...)
The banging of the drum and the hypnotic sound of the sas (an oboe like instrument) for a wedding party
A lone traveling grocer selling his tomatoes, eggplants, etc.
The campaign van advertising a candidate
The clanging of the tram
A bus conductor announcing the next stop … eczane var mi? (Is there any one getting off at the drugstore?)
A bus conductor announcing the destination to potential passengers while the bus is stopped...
“Yeniboşna, Avcilar” (the end of the Metro and an area in Istanbul)
The laughter and shouting of children at a school playground
The hazan (call to worship of a mosque) and the cannon fire ending the fast during Ramadan (Ramazan in Turkish)
The drums waking up those fasting during Ramadan so that they can eat before sunrise
The sounds of cars honking around the city after a football (soccer) team has gotten a goal
The intense sound of cars honking their horns after a Turkish football club or Turkish national team has won a game
The beating of the drum to get someone to pay their mosque dues
The ringing of doorbells by children during the holiday after Ramadan

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