Saturday, June 19, 2010

London 1903

This clip speaks for itself. I liked one of the comments below the clip on YouTube:

It's very sad to think that all the people in the film have been dead for a long time, but the buildings remain the same. I have walked these streets hundreds of times during my years in the UK, and I am another shadow that perhaps has been filmed in the rush hour on a typical working day in London town, so in the far away future someone will ponder on the anonimous pedestrians rushing about their business, long, long, long dead

Exit Through The Gift Shop" - Official Trailer [HD]

At trailer for a full length documentary about street art and Banksky. It is presently being show at various cities around the U.S. See the following iink for screeings in your area:

A Collection of Street Art by Banksky (Robert Banks)

Who is Banksky?

'Banksy Urban Art in London and Brighton (UK)

This ia a short documentary by Tom Pickard about the street artist 'Banksy'. It was shot around London and Brighton in 2007. The comments by those in this film are interesting from those stating that he is to provocative to those indicating that Westminsiter would not approve his painings. The latter statement is is actually a compliment to 'Banksy'.