Friday, November 13, 2009

Urban Garbage and the Dominance of Capitalism

This is a photograph of a new office buiding in the suburbs of Istanbul. You will not find this is the guidebooks of Istanbul. Rising over the blandness of modern suburbia is the new obelysk. But, instead of telling of the triumphs of the Pharohs and the gods, it is relating to those who view it of the dominance of capital. The obvious obscenity of this buiding goes unnoticed by the vast majority of those viewing it. Or maybe, they have been lulled into complacency subconsiously by the blantaness of consumerism and capatalism. Have they accepted that they are the slaves of capatilism, just as those who viewed the obelysks in Egypt knew that they were either actual or figurative slaves to the Pharoh. If this disturbs you, then you are making the realization that modernism/post-modernism is draining the soul of the city.

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