Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Urban Flaneur Guidebook???

What is this? The title of the blog is an oximoron. A guidebook for an urban flaneur would be one with just impressions or blank. An urban flaneur disdains the idea that one can incapsulate a city into a select item of interest. In this light, I am lauching this new blog. A blog about experiencing the city in its totality.

This idea sprung when I saw that my urbanism blog ( had taken a detour with my posting on my reflections of my time in Istanbul, titled "A Farewell to Istanbul". Therefore, I will be transferring this section of the "Urbanism Blog of Dr. Michael A. McAdams" as soon as I can determine the best format for this body of work. My urbanism blog will revert to a more academic tone as it was originally intended.

I would also welcome others who consider themselves urban flaneurs to send me their impressions of cities they have either visited or reside. This can also include photographs with comments.

Overall, the purpose of "An Urban Flaneur Guidebook" is to reflect the dynamic, exciting and chaotic nature of cites.

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