Monday, January 11, 2010

Walking in Memphis covered by Cher

This ix one of my favorite songs. This video is very effective in conveying the ability of how cities can embody individual dreams--taking on a magical quality. Being shot in black and white also conveys the grittiness of urban life where people come for dreams that are sometimes realised for some, but also dashed for some. The past inhabits cities and imbues them with qualities beyond just mere "brick and mortar". Elvis still lives in Memphis (at least metaphorically.) Beale Street (now revitalized) harks back to a different era, which long ago past. (On a side note...when I was a teenager in the 70s, I begged my parents to go by Beale Street in route to visit my grandmother. Nothing was there, it was dilapidated. But, it was Beale Street. I remember my parents asking why I wanted to go this run-down place. Now, it full of music bars, restaurants, stores etc.) Go to the following web site for more information:

Another good song about Memphis is "Graceland" by Paul Simon. Paul Simon draws his audience into his stories. This is not about Memphis, per se, but is about pilgrimage. Is Memphis the American equivalent to Jerusalem, Lourdes, Santiago de Compostela, Canterbury, and Istanbul (important for both Christians and Muslims as the Seat of the Patric arch of the Orthodox faith and tomb of one of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad, Ayyub al-Ansari who was killed leading an army in an unsuccessfully attempt to capture Constantinople )? Of note in this song is the fusion of folk with African music. Go to .

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