Friday, January 15, 2010

London Underground: Functional Art

To me being in the Underground or "the Tube" in London is a sensual experience. It is amazing that this is one of series of YouTube videos simply documenting trains coming into various stations. Apparently, I am not the only one that values the enjoyment of riding the Tube. Two announcemnts of note in this video are the announcemnt before the train arrives warning about unattended packages and the one reminding passengers to "Mind the Gap". The warning announcement about unaccompanied packages reminds us that although the city can be a place of seridipitious enjoyable experience bu, it can also be one where there are harmful events (terrorism, robbery etc.) and fear of such occurances. On the other hand, the "Mind the Gap" being repeated numerous times recalled "number 9" beomg repeated in the song 'Revolution 9" on the Beatles' "White Album". When surfing for a video related to "Revolution 9" I located this interesting video:

It is series of mainly urban scenes with the song as a backround. We experince the city in chaotic visual, auditory and olifactory "clips".

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