Wednesday, October 31, 2012

View of Regents Canal in London, U.K.: Courtesy of Hamish Stewart

Regents Canal in London runs from Paddington to Limehouse basin on the Thames. Through its journey it passes through the splendour of Regents Park but also through the areas of re-generation around Hackney. 
These images follow a walk along the Regents Canal from Camden to Victoria Park near Mile End. It takes in recent changes to the area around Kings Cross station and then along the Canal from Islington to Hackney where new housing developments, council estates and a decaying industrial landscape define an urban landscape that is undergoing a rapid period of change. It reflects a broad gentrification of the East of London and a reminder of the constant tides of re-development and change that have marked London over the centuries.

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Comment by  Hamish Stewart 

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