Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are you an Urban Flâneur ? Consider submitting your photos of your wandering around the city for a contest.

(image located at StKildaFlâneur)

Are you an  Urban Flâneur?

Do you:
wander around the city,
sit in cafes;
speculate about people and their lives in the city;
see the meaning in urban landscapes;
love all parts of the city--even its decaying parts;
revel in urban life;
and see its complexity beyond superficiality? 

Then, you are an Urban Flâneur!
If you still are not sure , go this description of the 'new' Urban Flâneur at StKildaFlâneur.

Why be a lone Urban Flâneur  Send me your pictures of your walks around a city with comments, your name and e-mail address. Videos will not be accepted at this time.  This will be another contest if this photo collection is successful.

All photographs can be sent to michaelamcadams@yahoo.com.
Please, do not send any over 1 Mb.

I will post all photographs  that are within the broad concept of this website.

On  1 November, 2012, the top five photos will be given a prize of a custom designed t-shirt based on the number of individual comments given to each photo. Any ties will be decided by the blog author.

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