Friday, May 7, 2010

Urban Art

An urban area is often thought of as innately functional consisting of dwelling places, shops, services governmental structures and industries and related activities. This yields a very sterile definition of urban areas, but unfortunately many cities are no more than this. A city should be a place where its citizens experience whimsy, irony, wonder, controversy, enlightenment and beauty. Urban outdoor art is a means to bring some of these elements into a city. Many modern cities are devoid of such urban art, because of the dull and utilitarian nature that many view the city--particularly local decision-makers. However, the citizens only have themselves to blame if they elect those who are deficient in their ability to be creative or imaginative. (If they have "creativity defincient disorder", then their abiity to confront other more mundane issues will probably be less than stellar.) In the next few posts, I would like to post some examples of urban art. I would also encourage the readers of this blog to also send me their photos of urban art with a brief explanation about the location and significance.

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